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Last updated 29 Jun 2022
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Registration FAQ's

Do you have questions regarding registering in 2022. Please check out this section for help.

Why are there 2 registration systems used for S.C. Corinthians Football?

At the end of 2019, the committee decided that we needed an easier way to manage the internals of the club, so we purchased the management system 'Majestri'. This system in 2020 has eased the load of our committee, especially our treasurer and registrar. Unfortunately we are unable to just use Majestri for registrations and we must use the mandatory Play Football site. This site is the national registration site for ALL FFA registrations. 

Which registration site do I need to pay fees to?

The only registration site you will pay fees to will be from our own Majestri site. The Play Football site should be set us no fees. If there is an invoice for fees, from Play Football, please ignore. Fees will only be through the club Majestri site. 

If I owe fees from 2021, can I register and play?

The committee of S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. have come to an agreement that any player who owes fees from the previous season will not be made active until both the previous year's fees are paid in full and the current year's fees are either paid in full or a payment plan is entered into. Players will be allowed to register to the upcoming season, however do not expect to be made active without the above happening. 

Can I do a payment plan on just fees or on fees and gear?

Payment plans can include just the fees, but can also include any gear that is purchased. Please view the payment plan

option to complete. Reminder that players who select a payment plan will be allowed to start playing when the season 

kicks off, only if the payment plan is stuck to. If a payment lapses then coaches will be informed of this. 

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